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At the ventures that I am part of, my dedication lies in crafting products that harness their innate creative potential and discover innovative avenues to connect with individuals by tapping into the essence of our shared humanity. And at the end of the day, what we all are, is simply human and that realization serves as the foundation for my work. As Jack Kerouac aptly stated, “Walking on water wasn’t built in a day,” reminding us that meaningful achievements require time and persistence.


I fought with the Greeks and Romans. One day, I decided to rest from those battles and travelled to Lisbon. I entered the art world and realized the importance of details, delicacy and artistic beauty. For me, perfection and defects are parts of the same beauty. Together, they make any piece unique.

I worked for 20 years in design, branding, packaging, marketing, and communication. Today, I do what I love the most at O Benefício, and PWX – Backed by Real Life – architecture and product development in all its aspects.


I have a life filled with accomplishments and failures. I have been fortunate to have experienced and worked in many different markets and industries – tech, health, construction, retail, etc. In all of them I have found that success comes when, as a group, we are able to contribute individually with the best of ourselves and being able to help others achieve their best too.

More than loving what I do, I have the privilege of doing what I love alongside people I chose and that I admire. This is what drives me and guaranties me success.

Now that you know a little bit about me, if you want to know about my professional experience, check out my LinkedIn.


With 30 years of professional experience and having lived in 4 continents, Jay is a craftsman, entrepreneur, and a tireless multidisciplinary autodidact.

Nowadays Jay is based in Portugal as the Master Artisan for the VENAKKI DISTILLERY, The Pioneer of Portuguese Whisky, bringing his creativity and tenacious character to foster and positioning Portugal within the very exclusive club of award-winning whisky-producing countries.


I was born and raised in the center of Portugal, which gave me a great appreciation for everything that comes from the land and respect for traditional craftmanship that is passed down from generation to generation.

Working almost a decade in hospitality gave me the knowledge and the urge to create new products, combining tradition with innovation.

My love for crafting spirits made me join this amazing project that will give customers a new and safe way to appreciate and be part of the history of whisky.


As the CTO of the Portuguese Whisky Exchange, I bring 30 years of tech industry experience to the team.
My mission is to create a bridge between the time-honored craft of whisky production and the boundless possibilities of the blockchain.

I’m an avid crypto enthusiast and I am thrilled to be part of this journey of making tangible assets more accessible through the use of NFTs.


Born and raised in my beloved Spain, I built my career in Portugal in several management positions in WPP Group. After a few years leading finance in wavemaker and groupm, he decided to take the leap to roles around business development and executive management as Commercial Director of groupm and later as CEO of Mindshare, position I hold for 13 years. He also lead other projects as member of the Board of groupm, like StudioM and the groupm content business. Since the beginning of 2023 I help great ideas and projects accelerate into great businesses.

I am driven out of bed everyday in order to change businesses to live up to new strategies, ideas and business models. And I do it with passion, imagination and a lot of focus on results.


With more than two decades experience in management consulting, Alvaro helps organizations to create new futures facilitating processes of strategic transformation.

He worked in a range of sectors, namely chemical, banking & financial services, automotive, healthcare, telecommunications and advertising, leading projects in different geographies in Europe, Africa and America, to develop growth strategies and new business models.

A decade ago, he co-founded and was the CEO at Tradiio, a music app that enabled fans to access amazing new music and directly support the artists who made it.


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