Customer Support Solutions

Transparency and Security

As an buyer of whisky casks, merging Digital Contract (Smart Contract) and Physical Contract ensure authenticity, ownership and assured by law  – via Docusign connection. Logistics, storage/warehousing, and insurance of your cask are included.

Distillery Support Solutions

We are revolutionizing the whisky industry for independent distilleries. With our cutting-edge blockchain solution, we provide tailored support to help your distillery flourish.

Membership and Community

Membership Benefits: Advantages of joining PWX – Backed by Real Life, including access to a independent distillery community.

Forum and Community Section: Space for distilleries to discuss industry topics, share experiences, and seek advice.

Event Calendar: List upcoming whisky events, tastings, and festivals.

Distillery Showcases: Opportunities for independent distilleries to participate and present their products at these events.

Blockchain technology that ensures Transparency:

Our advanced blockchain technology ensures total transparency in the whisky supply chain. Every step of your whisky’s journey, from production to the hands of consumers, is securely recorded on the blockchain, and not only guarantees the authenticity of your products, but also builds trust with your customers.

Global Market Access:

Leverage the power of blockchain to access a global market. PWX’s blockchain-backed platform allows you to showcase your unique products to a worldwide audience of whisky enthusiasts.

Smart Contracts:

Our smart contract functionality automates and streamlines various aspects of your distillery operations, such as distribution agreements and sales contracts. Reduces administrative burdens and ensures swift and secure transactions.

Immutable Records:

The blockchain records are immutable, meaning they cannot be altered or tampered with. Protects your distillery’s reputation and ensures the integrity of your brand.

Customer Engagement:

Blockchain also allows us to create engaging experiences for your customers. They can trace the journey of each bottle, accessing information about the distillery, its history, and tasting notes with a simple scan of a QR code.

Collaboration Opportunities:

PWX fosters collaborations within its blockchain ecosystem. Partner with other distilleries, distributors, or retailers in our network to create special editions and exclusive releases.

Customer Support:

If you want to know more about PWX solutions, please fill in these details and we will get in touch.


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