Why do independent distilleries sell their casks?

This is especially common for independent distilleries that need to raise funds to cover their running expenses and continue producing whisky that may take several years to a decade to mature before it is ready for bottling. Selling casks is a way for distilleries to release capital from their inventory without taking out a loan while also promoting brand loyalty.

Investing in casks may be a wise decision for whisky enthusiasts because there’s a worldwide high demand for fine whisky, with demand surpassing the current capacity to produce and mature whisky.

Portuguese Whisky

Why choose a cask of Portuguese Whisky

When buying something for indulgence or investment, one should consider exceptional superior quality and a scarce and rare commodity. This is when Portuguese Whisky promises to be a rewarding investment, to be enjoyed or sold at a later stage, because of both its recognizable quality and growth investment potential.

This is the right time to come aboard, with the worldwide demand surpassing production capacity and with forecasts describing exponential growth for the foreseeable future, this is a unique opportunity to own something truly unique.

Portuguese Whisky enjoys a unique terroir, a combination of a climate with warm days and cool nights, that maximize the spirit and cask interactions resulting in a rich, full-bodied spirit with a distinctive flavour profile highly desirable by whisky connoisseurs.

The terroir includes privileged access to seasoned casks and traditional cooperage. These have been for decades responsible for delivering other producing countries and some of the most recognizable brands worldwide, their most award-winning whiskies. Now Portuguese Whisky is combining it all, to produce some of the most distinctive and exciting whiskies in the world.

VENAKKI Distillery

The VENAKKI DISTILLERY is the Pioneer of Portuguese Whisky and has been producing award winning Whisky / Whiskey in Portugal, an extraordinary as uncommon provenance for Whisky.   

Consistently ranking among the very best whiskies in the world, and according to the Whisky Bible producing “whiskies that give us all a reason to live”, this is an independently owned micro-distillery with a small team and big dreams.

A word from the Distillery manager: “Among other things, that means that our long days are often spent in crocks or wellingtons, in aprons and mostly washing stuff, grounding, cooking, distilling, unloading trucks, designing, running errands, tending every detail of our business, caring for our pets, and having a simple existence in a small rural village.  We will be happy to share our craft with investors and discerning whisky drinkers and newcomers alike”.

Things that we do:

Malt Whisky / Corn Whiskey / Moonshine / Liqueur / Vermouth / Vodka / Gin / Other fantastic concoctions. 


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Portugal has a long tradition of making and aging wines and other spirits and is the birthplace of some of the best casks in the world, in turn leading to endless possibilities for traditional and bespoke coopering.      

Our virgin casks are Portuguese coopered by traditional methods using naturally air seasoned oak, from 24 to 36 months, while typically our RARE PORTUGUESE CASKS previously contained Port, Madeira, Setubal, Moscatel De Alexandria, Fernão Pires and our proprietary FPX, to name a few, and are the backbone of the unique  VENAKKI WHISKY expressions.     

The Atlantic influence and warm tempered climate throughout the year; of warm days and cool nights (daily thermal variations ranging typically from 15ºC / 60ºF to 40ºC /105ºF drives our Whisky / Whiskey to extract from the casks all the goodness for which we’ve prepared them.  

Bottled just at the right time, one by one by hand, we also offer discerning customers; the possibility of PRIVATELY OWNED CASKS bespoke Malt Whiskies at CASK STRENGTH and SINGLE CASK bottling. 

GinT Distillery

Established in 2017 we have been creating spirits which are crafted with the utmost care and endeavor. We have distilled more that 30 different gins, each one with a unique profile. Throughout these years we have experimented and launched limited editions of aged gins with amazing flavors and taste. These experiences have given us profound knowledge on how spirit aging works.

We are now venturing into aging a grain distillate, which after three years in a cask can and will be called whisky. We will grace these casks as “The Missing Link“ whisky edition. All our acquired experience in aging gin will be merged into these 25 unique casks. The flagship of our products are the Portuguese Cask heritage and our magnificent climate. To honor the name of this edition we have the privilege of having with us the expertise of well-versed whisky producers.

The Missing Link“ Whisky Edition expresses our approach to spirits – linking knowledge, culture and people!


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