NFT terms and conditions


The price depends on cask type and peat content as specified in your NFT Cask Order.

It includes spirit, warehousing, and 3 years and 1 day of insurance. Additional insurance can be purchased.

Price includes the cask itself and repairs if leaked. It does not cover evaporation losses.


Aimed at individuals, groups, companies who want to invest and create a unique whisky.

Legal owner must be of legal drinking age in their jurisdiction.

Valid email required for communication (

If selling in first 3 years and 1 day, must be offered back to PWX at 25% discount.

Full legal ownership requires signed docusign contract along with NFT purchase.


3 years and 1 day from cask filling date.

25% sale penalty plus 2.5% transaction fee if sold during vesting period.

After vesting period, can be freely transferred like a standard NFT.



Stored in PWX contracted bonded warehouse during vesting period.

Can be emptied and bottled after vesting period upon owner’s written instruction.




VAT due at time of purchase.

Excise duty due when released from bond after vesting period.

If sold back to PWX during vesting, VAT is due.




Final payments, including Excise Duty, bottling, and labelling fees, and VAT (if applicable), must be made before the Cask can be removed from bond.